Recruitment services

Recruitment services :

We help you achieve success with our manpower solutions. We guarantee satisfied and happy workforce for your organization. Finding the right candidate is never easy because the aim is not just to find a skilled candidate, but to find the one that fits your organization’s culture. We provide qualified experienced candidates with the right skills, competency, values and attitude as per your business objectives.

Additionally, our contract staffing solutions provide flexible staffing arrangements, ensuring adaptability to varying project scopes. With a dedicated team, we prioritise quality over quantity, aiming for more closures with a smaller number of CVs. This approach not only saves valuable client time but also ensures optimal resource allocation. At Hsd2c Consulting, we redefine recruitment, delivering excellence in FTE, augmentation staffing, and contract staffing to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.

Recruitment services offered by Hsd2c Consulting are:
Full Time Employment Services:
  • With complete details like skillsets, experience level, mode of work, work
    location, certification, etc. our skilled recruiters will dive deep into the pool
    of existing candidates in the market to provide the best-suited resources.
Staff Augmentation :
  • Outsourcing our employees for a limited period of time from our existing team For the organisation, it will be like a temporary extension for their in-house team.
Contract staffing :
  • Serving as a temporary staffing partner for you, we can assist you with your project workforce requirements by quickly assembling a skilled team.