Cloud services

Cloud Services :

HSD2C Consulting pioneers seamless device-to-cloud connectivity “Offering secure and reliable data interface” streaming solutions, and technical consulting for innovative cloud orchestration. Elevate your business with our “Cutting-edge cloud service solutions”

Device-to-cloud connectivity: 

Seamless wireless or wired interface options (like, Ethernet, 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi
5-7) ensuing secure data streaming. Explore IoT streaming solutions with data
interfaces like Rabbit MQ, RTSP, and TCP/IP.
1.Wireless or wired interface (4G, 5G, Wi-Fi 5//7)
2.Secure data interface
3.Streaming Solutions for IoT devices

Streaming Solutions for IoT devices :

Implementing secure data interfaces, utilising Rabbit MQ, RTSP, and TCP/IP for content delivery, and incorporating Remote Device Management (MDM)

  1. Secure data interface
  2. Rabbit MQ, RTSP, TCP/IP based content delivery
  3. Remote Device management (MDM)

Technical consulting for Cloud Orchestration:

From single to multi-tenant device provisioning, represent data (video, audio, or sensor) based on device events. Orchestrate AI and ML algorithms on the cloud, generating and presenting reports.
  1. Single-tenant and Multi-tenant device provisioning
  2. Data (Video, Audio or Sensor data) representation based on device event
  3. On cloud AI/ML algorithm orchestration and report generation and report representation

IoT Device:

Optimise and ensure compliance with IoT devices, offering 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi connectivity solutions. Develop applications for cloud connectivity and implement Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions.
  1. Device optimization and compliance from cloud connectivity
  2. 4G, 5G, W-Fi connectivity Solutions
  3. Application development for cloud connectivity
  4. Content Delivery network (CDN)